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LOTS OF UPDATES ARE COMING TO THE WEBSITE! Please be patient while we make necessary changes! 

TSGSM 2022

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Texas Southern Gospel School of Music, a non-profit organization, is to teach, promote, preserve, and nurture the singing, playing, and writing of gospel music by people of all ages in churches, church choirs, and gospel singing conventions and to improve the quality of vocal and instrumental music in choral, band, and orchestra programs in public and private schools.

News and Events: The consequence of unfortunate situations causes difficult decisions. The Texas Southern Gospel School of Music was displaced this year due to needed campus renovations at Navarro College where we have met for music school since 1997. In September 2022, we secured comparable arrangements at another community college not far from Corsicana for 2023. Due to leadership, personnel, and policy changes at this campus, we recently learned it is no longer available for 2023. This caused an unfortunate situation at such short notice. We have diligently searched for an appropriate venue for our 2023 music school with no success. The TSGSM Board of Directors met on May 13, 2023, and the difficult decision was made to postpone the 27th Texas Southern Gospel School of Music until the summer of 2024. We are thankful to our faculty, our great students, our singing family, and our generous financial supporters. All 2023 scholarships will continue to 2024. (Join us on Facebook Live, Tuesday, June 20 @7:00 pm for the raffle drawing for the Christmas Quilt)

Home schooled students can receive fine arts credit
attendance at TSGSM summer music camp!  

The Texas Southern Gospel School of Music, Inc. (TSGSM) offers the highest caliber of instruction in the field of Gospel music. Each student is placed in classes according to his or her age and music experience. The study of Gospel music instills confidence, creativity, competence, and love for God.  Students will find their attendance at TSGSM a rewarding experience.

The drawing for the over-sized queen Log Cabin Christmas Quilt will be
June 20, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. on FaceBook live.

You still have time to sell your raffle tickets to help cover your cost of attending TSGSM in 2024.  Since the 2023 session of TSGSM has been postponed until June 17 - 28, 2024 all raffle ticket money will carry forward to 2024 in the name of each student who sold raffle tickets. Get a head start on next year!

However, for the drawing on June 20, 2023, all money and raffle tickets must be turned in or mailed to Pauline Thompson no later than June 15, 2023.  If you mail your tickets and money, make sure you do not mail cash.  Call me at 936-676-1416 if you have questions about this.  


Texas Southern Gospel School of Music is so thankful for the support of Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys who started his training at a Texas music school. 

"The first song I ever sang was "Hand In Hand with Jesus"...It was at one of those singing schools that we had at our public school in the summer....Robert S. Arnold taught the school, and at the end of the school, he asked me to stand in front of the school and lead everyone in singing a song....that is the song I chose....from that day forward, I knew I wanted to be in the music business of singing songs.

Later on, I sang with The Southernairs Quartet in Paris, Texas....each summer, we had a singing school....We brought in Mr. and Mrs. Horace Kennedy and their daughter Ellen to teach in our singing school.....I have been friends with Ellen for over 54 years.....She has become one of the elite teachers and keyboard specialists in the music industry. 

I encourage all interested people to check out the Texas Southern Gospel School of Music....One can learn so much in these singing schools, and I encourage you to attend....." 

There is still time to register and come to the Texas Southern Gospel School of Music. I also strongly encourage you to partner with us financially – you may make the difference in someone’s life!