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Scholarship Application

Please download, print, and complete the Scholarship Application form.  Be sure that you include the two reference letters requested at the bottom of the form, if this is your first time to attend the TSGSM, along with your $25 registration fee.  The Scholarship Application along with your two reference letters and registration fee must be postmarked by April 1, 2024.  Scholarship applications received without the registration fee will not be considered for scholarship funds.  REMEMBER:  ALL students pay the $25 registration fee--even those who receive scholarships.

Awarded Scholarships 

Each year a number of special scholarships are presented to students at the closing concert for the next year.  These scholarships are given in honor of, or in memory of, individuals who have contributed greatly to the preservation of southern gospel music. Congratulations to all of our Scholarship Award Winners!!

2022 Scholarship Winners Awarded for 2024 Session.  

Rosa Anguiano, Jack Barefoot, Aubrey Barlow, Malachi Barrington, Allison Blevins, Taylor Blevins, Ellie Bradley,

Jacie Braun, Olivia Dailey, Brandon Gentery, Laurie Gentry, Josh Guerrero, Branton Jerring, Jeremy Jimenez, 

Andrew Manes, Jamie Marsh,Jairus McKamie, Susee Moturi, Nash Reading, Cline Roberson, Ella Roberson,

Julia Roberson, Joan Roberts, Addie Rueter,Noelia Sheppard, Aimee Jo Spitzer, Adam Stone,

Gina Thompson, Kenley Thompson, Malory Wallen, McKinley Weiss



Scholarship Name

Cecil Pollock Memorial Piano Lesson Scholarship

TSGSM Supporter Piano Lesson Scholarship

TSGSM Supporter Piano Lesson Scholarship

Clara Wallace Memorial Piano Lesson Scholarship

Bob Wills Honorary Private Lesson Scholarship

C. B. Anderson Memorial Tuition Scholarship

Liz Autry Honorary Tuition Scholarship

Calvary Baptist Tuition Scholarship

Calvary Baptist Tuition Scholarship

TSGSM Supporter Tuition Scholarship

TSGSM Supporter Tuition Scholarship

Amy Cline Memorial Room & Board Scholarship

Dr. Bob & Bobbiline McLemore Memorial Room & Board Scholarship

Harvey & Ruby Green Memorial Full Scholarship

Jess Harper Memorial Full Scholarship

James & Juanice Holley Memorial Full Scholarship

James & Juanice Holley Memorial Full Scholarship

James Holley Memorial Full Scholarship

Paul & Ann Hollingsworth Honorary and Memorial Full Scholarship

Donna Lee Jernigan Honorary Full Scholarship w/ piano lessons

Eric and LaDora Jernigan Honorary Full Scholarship

Dan Jones Memorial Full Scholarship

Frances Jordan Honorary Full Scholarship

Horace Kennedy Memorial Full Scholarship

Harold  Lane Memorial Full Scholarship

Dr. Bob & Bobbiline McLemore Memorial Full Scholarship

Callie Morris Memorial Full Scholarship

Richard Smith Memorial Full Scholarship w/voice lessons

Richard Smith Memorial Full Scholarship w/private lessons of choice

Betty Taylor Memorial Full Scholarship w/piano lessons

Jack Taylor Honorary Full Scholarship w/piano lessons

Doug and Don Thompson, Jr.  Memorial Full Scholarship

Pauline Thompson Honorary Full Scholarship

Bob Wills Honorary Full Scholarship w/private lessons of choice

James Watson Memorial Full Scholarship

Lily T. Wong Memorial Full Scholarship

Awarded by

Dr. Sarah McKamie, D.V.M.

Anonymous Supporter

Anonymous Supporter

Wilda Capehart

The Inspirationals Quartet

Mrs. Annabelle Anderson

Bob Jones

Calvary Baptist Church - Kemp, TX

Calvary Baptist Church - Kemp, TX

Anonymous Supporter

Anonymous Supporter

The Barefoot Family

Dr. Sarah McKamie, D.V.M.

Mattie Davis

Dr. Sarah McKamie, D.V.M.

Brenda Holley

Brenda Holley

Brenda Holley

Jeremy & Lynell McKissack

Eric & LaDora Jernigan

Donna Lee Jernigan

Todd Jones & Mary Dawson

Daron Stone

Ed & Ellen Kennedy

Donna Lee Jernigan

Terry and Brenda Lofton

Doyle & Ova Morris

Melinda Crisp

Sylvia Smith

Dr. Cindy Taylor

David Spence & Good Space

Don & Pauline Thompson

Daron Stone

The Inspirationals Quartet

David & Angie Watson

David & Angie Watson

We invite supporters of TSGSM and gospel music to establish annual scholarships to provide an opportunity for worthy students to be able to attend the TSGSM. For additional information to set up a scholarship please visit our donation page here.